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AWS Prescriptive Guidance - an Implementation

AWS has released its official Prescriptive Guidance on AWS Cloud Security Maturity. This post outlines a real-life architecture based on Terraform.

ACAI Lab - IaC Provisioning

The post is about AWS Landing Zone Provisioning the native way. The focus lies on provisioning AWS accounts of the ACAI AWS Foundation Lab, utilizing Terraform.

ACAI Lab – Secure AWS Landing Zone

The following blog-post introduces the ACAI Lab – Secure AWS Landing Zone. It lets you experience a live AWS Landing Zone deployment.


The following blog post provides an overview of the ACAI reference architecture for an AWS Landing Zone.

Want to scale efficiently and securely in AWS? Not without an appropriate Landing Zone

Are you at the beginning of the cloud journey or close to a cloud-native city already? Not sure how to answer upcoming questions from key stakeholders? This post provides some inspiration.