AWS Prescriptive Guidance - an Implementation

AWS has released its official Prescriptive Guidance on AWS Cloud Security Maturity. This post outlines a real-life architecture based on Terraform.

ACAI Lab - IaC Provisioning

Der folgende Blog-Beitrag befasst sich mit der AWS Landing Zone-Bereitstellung - auf AWS native Weise. Der Schwerpunkt des Beitrags liegt auf der Bereitstellung von AWS-Konten des ACAI AWS Foundation Lab unter Verwendung von Terraform, dem De-facto-Standard für Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

ACAI Lab – Secure AWS Landing Zone

The following blog-post introduces the ACAI Lab – Secure AWS Landing Zone. It lets you experience a live AWS Landing Zone deployment.


The following blog post provides an overview of the ACAI reference architecture for an AWS Landing Zone.

Security Standards recommended for your AWS Landing Zone – Featuring AWS Security Hub

Keeping grip on the current level of security can be a challenge. AWS provides a great tool to get a consolidated overview, particularly in AWS Landing Zone architectures: AWS Security Hub

AWS Landing Zone – Security & Governance Blueprint

AWS Landing Zone – Security & Governance Blueprint

Want to scale efficiently and securely in AWS? Not without an appropriate Landing Zone

Sorry, currently no German translation is available for this blog post Situation Are you at the beginning of the cloud journey or close to cloud native city already?

AWS Root User Considerations

Jedes AWS-Konto verfügt über einen Root-Benutzer - er ist der mächtigste Benutzer Ihres AWS-Kontos und kann nicht deaktiviert werden. Es lohnt sich also, einige Zeit darüber nachzudenken.