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AWS Prescriptive Guidance - an Implementation

AWS has released its official Prescriptive Guidance on AWS Cloud Security Maturity. This post outlines a real-life architecture based on Terraform.

ACAI Lab - IaC Provisioning

The post is about AWS Landing Zone Provisioning the native way. The focus lies on provisioning AWS accounts of the ACAI AWS Foundation Lab, utilizing Terraform.

ACAI Lab – Secure AWS Landing Zone

The following blog-post introduces the ACAI Lab – Secure AWS Landing Zone. It lets you experience a live AWS Landing Zone deployment.


The following blog post provides an overview of the ACAI reference architecture for an AWS Landing Zone.

Security Standards recommended for your AWS Landing Zone – Featuring AWS Security Hub

Keeping grip on the current level of security can be a challenge. AWS provides a great tool to get a consolidated overview, particularly in AWS Landing Zone architectures: AWS Security Hub

AWS Landing Zone – Security & Governance Blueprint

AWS Landing Zone – Security & Governance Blueprint

Want to scale efficiently and securely in AWS? Not without an appropriate Landing Zone

Are you at the beginning of the cloud journey or close to a cloud-native city already? Not sure how to answer upcoming questions from key stakeholders? This post provides some inspiration.

AWS Root User Considerations

Every AWS account comes with a root user – it is the most powerful user of your AWS account and cannot be disabled. So it is worth spending some time thinking about it.